Alternative Teaching Model

Reteach Tutorials

Chapter 1:   To read and write whole numbers through the billions period and decimals through thousandths
To recognize addition properties and rules of subtraction
Chapter 2:   To recognize the properties of multiplication
To use rounding to estimate and then multiply 3- and 4-digit numbers with a zero in the multiplier
Chapter 3:   To use short division to divide a 4-digit dividend by a 1-digit divisor
To use the order of operations to simplify mathematical expressions
Chapter 4:   To find the prime factorization of a number
To rename an improper fraction as a mixed number
Chapter 5:   To find the LCD of two fractions with unlike denominators, and add the fractions
To subtract mixed numbers from whole numbers and mixed numbers
Chapter 6:   To multiply two fractions, using a diagram
To divide whole numbers by fractions using a diagram
Chapter 7:   To identify independent events
To make a line plot to organize data
Chapter 8:   To write decimals through thousandths in expanded form
To add and subtract decimals using place value models
Chapter 9:   To relate multiplying decimals to multiplying fractions
To divide decimals by 1-digit whole numbers, using zeros as placeholders in the quotient or dividend as needed
Chapter 10:   To use a protractor to measure angles
To find the circumference of a circle
Chapter 11:   To rename and compare customary units of length
To estimate temperature and time measures using measurement sense
Chapter 12:   To use a grid to estimate the area of plane figure
To illustrate how the formula A = b x h is used to find the area of a parallelogram
Chapter 13:   To use the cross-products rule to find the missing number in a proportion
To understand the meaning of percent
Chapter 14:   To add integers with unlike signs
To locate points on a coordinate plane