Chapter 6, Lesson 3

6-3.A plot ordered pairs on a coordinate plane
Which of the following statements are true?
If a point is on the x-axis, its x-coordinate is 0.
II If a point is in Quadrant IV, both coordinates are negative.
III If a point is in Quadrant II, the value of its y-coordinate is always greater than the value of its x-coordinate.
(a) I, II, and III (b) I and II only
(c) II only (d) III only

6-3.B understand the direction of a graph
For which coordinates will points A and B determine a line that is rising?
A(—2, 4) and B(5, 7)
II A(—2, 4) and B(12, 4)
III A(—2,, 4) and B(5, —7)
(a) I only (b) II only
(c) III only (d) I and III only