Narrative Script for Pullman Research Paper

Step 9: Find and Correct Errors

Use proofreader's symbols.

Using proofreader's symbols, Kiran handwrote the changes on her printed-out manuscript. Then she entered the changes on the computer file.

After finishing with my two primary sources, it was time to go to the library to find out more about Pullman from secondary sources. I wanted to find out more about how the area known as Pullman started in the 1880s and what it was like before Grandma moved here. I also wanted to know more about the neighborhood in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.At the library, I used the online catalog to look for circulating books and reference books. I accessed the electronic databases, which the library subscribes to, so that I could find reliable articles. Reliable, according to my teacher, means “trusted sources by professional writers and editors.” I found four secondary sources from the library but wound up using only three.

Check and correct the spelling of words, as well as the rules of capitalization, punctuation, and grammar and usage.

Most important, like I say in the fist paragraph, I hated the 
    - G
hour long drive from our home in Evanston to grandma's home
and then the long drive back.

Check your parenthetical citations against your Works Cited list.

The first time Kiran converted her working bibliography into her formal Works Cited list, she forgot to delete the book by Longstreet that she never cited in her report. So she removed that entry during this step. In the end, she had an entry in the Works Cited section for every parenthetical citation in the report.

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