Narrative Script for Pullman Research Paper

Step 10: Publish Your Research

Before Kiran printed out her report, she inserted a map and photos into the document. She made sure to acknowledge them in the Works Cited section. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to add a link to an 1894 drawing of the Pullman Strike with a modern-day thirty-second audio describing the event. She'd found them on a newspaper's Web site during her research, but she hadn't bookmarked the site or made a note of its URL, so she couldn't find her way back there. (It is a lesson she will keep in mind the next time she does research.) In trying to think of other ways to incorporate multimedia elements into her report, Kiran is considering later publishing an electronic version of the report with a YouTube link to the interview she did with her grandmother and, if her teacher approves, posting to the class blog a slide show of her own photographs of the Pullman neighborhood.