Step-By-Step Development of a Research Paper
"Langston Hughes and the Invention of the Blues Poem"

Step 9: Find and Correct Errors

Before looking for errors in his paper, Luke first reviewed the list of proofreader's symbols. Then, as in Step 8, he reread his paper three times: once for spelling, once for capitalization and punctuation, and once for grammar and usage.

While rereading for spelling, Luke was particularly careful when reviewing proper names. For example, he corrected the spelling "Alan Locke" to "Alain Locke."

While rereading for capitalization and punctuation, Luke concentrated on quotation marks, commas, and the proper placement of parenthetical citations in relation to punctuation marks.

Finally, in his reread for grammar and usage, Luke focused on complete sentences, subject-verb agreement, and pronoun-antecedent agreement.