Teacher Notes

Click here for the phonics and Word Study Teacher Information Center. Find the Sadlier-Oxford Reading Research Base, Skills Assessment Checklists, great educational links for teachers, and much more.

The Sadlier-Oxford Phonics and Word Study web pages offer free online interactive games, challenges, and links for students, information, resources and links for teachers, and guidance for families of children learning new phonics and word study skills. Spanning grade levels from PreK to 6, these resources provide extra practice in many of the phonics and word study skills developed in Sadlier's comprehensive programs: Getting Ready to Read with Mother Goose (PreK), Sadlier Phonics (K-C) and Sadlier Word Study (D-F)

Student Interactivities

The most memorable feature of the Phonics and Word Study web area is the collection of online student interactivities. Many of these take advantage of some of the most engaging aspects of cutting edge technology. Many of the activities feature sound, so that students can relate sounds to symbols with confidence. Other activities feature animation, a proven motivator for elementary students using interactive applications. And many of the activities keep a tally of students' responses, so that children can play again and again as they try to top their high score.

The student activities are varied in theme, skill level, and functionality. Here are just some of the options for visiting students:

  • Basic skills checks, complete with sound, in which students demonstrate their mastery of short vowels and long vowel words, consonant blends, digraphs, diphthongs, and more.
  • The Letter Zoo, a lower grade game in which students use their knowledge of the partner letters to deliver a collection of baby animals to the zoo.
  • Drag-and-drop exercises for long vowels, rhyming words, and high-frequency words.
  • Fly-by contractions, where students click on planes as the zoom across an airfield.
  • Environmental clean-up, where students use their knowledge of sentence comprehension to polluted pond into a glimmering fishing spot.
  • Memory cards, commonly know as concentration. For younger children there are simple picture-match and letter-match cards. For older students there are larger arrays featuring homonyms and plurals.
  • Synonym and antonym challenge, fast paced animated games for older students in which they use their word study skills to run up the score.

The student activities address a broad range of skills in addition to those described above, including prefixes and suffixes, analogies, context clues, dictionary skills, and more. Teacher notes accompany each interactive challenge, so that you may provide assistance to children as they navigate the web site. Students are also provided with safe, trusted, powerful links to help them explore further challenges in phonics and word study.